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Kenna, Sherry and Amelia

THE R.I.P. Files- Kenna, Sherry and Amelia


Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted! 2015 has turned about to be a very busy year for me in the paranormal field. As I stated in my previous post, at the end of 2014, I was asked to be a guest investigator on the T.V. Show, The R.I.P. Files. It was a ton of scary fun and a great pleasure to work with everyone involved in the show.

At the beginning of 2015, I received the wonderful invitation to become a permanent investigator on the show! The show films predominantly on the East Coast…. so I have been flying from Los Angeles to the East Coast on a regular basis. This mixed with family, friends and a “day job” has created a very busy schedule for me….. thus not leaving much time to update my blog!

Once the season starts to air, I can begin posting about some of the paranormal events that I have experienced at each location. I did have the amazing experience of witnessing another actual apparition for the second time in my life! It scared the crap out of me!

Please check out these links to the show. Video links will be coming soon!

The R.I.P. Files Facebook

The R.I.P. Files Twitter

The R.I.P. Files Website


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Sorry it’s taken so long but finally the follow-up to Devil’s Gate- part one.  The end of 2014 ended up being an extremely busy time for me and my paranormal adventures! I was invited by the creator and producer of the paranormal show, The R.I.P. Files, to fly to the East Coast and film two episodes: One in Virginia and one in Pennsylvania.  At this point, none of the cast is allowed to discuss the locations, post write up’s or photos until the episodes have aired and we have permission….. so, hopefully later on I can fill you all in! The entire cast, crew, producer and director were all welcoming, fun and professional. They’re a real top-notch team and I feel so blessed and grateful to have been part of their show. Now on to Devil’s Gate!

As you may remember from Part One, (please scroll down the page to read Devil’s Gate- Part 1,) on this investigation we came into contact with the number seven numerous times;  including  seven potential female names and the number seven  from the Ovilus. Also, Aleister Crowley christened Devil’s Gate one of the 7 portals to Hell and he wrote a book called 777. I thought the number seven was supposed to be lucky but I guess not when Crowley gets a hold of it!

I am not a psychic by any means but I do consider myself a “sensitive” and I repeatedly received the impression that women were hurt or killed in rituals in the tunnel or area. I received confirmation of this feeling from our session in the back of the dark tunnel. The following video is a perfect example of spirit contact through our Ghost Meter Pro and Ovilus.  I even had direct physical spirit contact on my body.  Please note, in this video we use our Ghost Meter Pro to ask “yes” or “no” questions.

Ghost Meter Pro

How this works: I ask the spirit to ping the needle on the meter once for “yes” and two times for “no.” Typically the meter light will activate at the very time that the needle pings. Sometimes you will see the “light only” activate on the meter but the needle does not move- I do not consider this an answer but it is the spirit making contact with the EMF field that the meter is emitting. Here’s the video:

So, who were these spirits communicating with us?

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Loch Ness Monster- Prehistoric Plesiosaur Subspecies, Supernatural or just a boat?

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As I was doing research on Aleister Crowley for my Devil’s Gate blog post, I ran across the fact that Crowley had lived and performed occult rituals in Boleskin House on Loch Ness in Scotland. Yes, the same body of water that is home to the Loch Ness Monster, aka: Nessie!  Of course, this connection peaked my interest since I love all things paranormal, including Cryptozoology, and the research that comes along with that.

This sparked me to dig up the recent Loch Ness Monster Apple Satellite Image that had been floating around the internet. I had honestly always leaned towards the theory that the creature was a mutated prehistoric subspecies of the Plesiosaur family….. BUT could there be a supernatural link between Crowley and the Monster? Upon further research, I found that Ted Holiday, one of the most renowned Loch Ness Monster researchers, believed that the monster could possibly be supernatural and the product of Crowley’s occult rituals. Wow, now that is a new theory for me!

First, let’s look at this satellite image:




The story goes: According to the Daily Mail, earlier this year, two men were looking through old 2005 satellite images of their town of Darlington, England and decided to look at the images of the Loch. This is when the image of the “beast” was spotted. Websites all around the internet claimed: We finally have proof of the Loch Ness Monster! 

However, naysayers immediately criticized the image as clearly being a boat that is producing a wake pattern in the water. The Daily Dot suggested that Apple blurred out personal identity markers on the boat which caused the boat to keeps its shape but lose most of the details. I did a search on the internet for different photos of boats producing wake patterns because I wanted to compare a “real boat” along side a “zoomed in photo of the Apple satellite image” and this is what I found:

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Devil’s Gate Investigation- Part 1: Christened one of the 7 Portals to hell by Aleister Crowley

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Urban Legend suggests that Devil’s Gate Dam is part of the mystical Arroyo Triangle which is Cobb Estate, Devil’s Gate Dam, and Suicide Bridge. Famed Occultist, Aleister Crowley, christened Devil’s Gate: one of the 7 portals to hell. This place would give anyone the heebie-jeebies! I have investigated all three locations now and can definitely say that they are all haunted beyond belief. But Devil’s Gate is by far the most active!

In August 2014 we were able to hike down into the Devil’s Gate Dam tunnel area located in the Arroyo Seco riverbed near Pasadena.  As we dropped down into the dry riverbed I could feel the energy around me transform into a mild static electricity. I didn’t have much time to reflect on it because I was too excited to discover that the gated-entrance to the tunnel was open and dry as well! The area is usually filled with water which makes getting into the drainage tunnel impossible sometimes. My teammate Steve pointed to the upper-left area above the tunnel entrance. There in plain-view, guarding the tunnel,  is a natural rock formation that appears to be the side profile of a Devil’s Head……. complete with a horn. Very eerie indeed but that didn’t keep us from entering the pitch-black tunnel and making the 100+ yard trek to the end to set up our equipment. We barely had time to get the investigation rolling when this happened………

One orb is not easy to capture on video….. let alone three! So, who are these spirits? What’s the story here?

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Ghost Hunting Equipment- The Red Flashlight

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Alldaymall® WF-502B CREE Q5 Single

Alldaymall® Red Light Hunting LED


I’m going to keep it short and sweet today. We’re gearing up for an investigation this weekend and there’s a ton of pre-investigation work to do! If you’re looking for ghost evidence…just scroll down the page.  I’ll also be posting more video evidence very soon.

I received an email from a reader asking: Why do we use the red lens flashlight during our investigations? Also, which one did I recommend?

We use the red lens flashlight because it does not interfere with our Nightshot Infrared Lighting system. It essentially helps to protect your nightshot footage of the area. If you use a regular clear lens flashlight it can distort your video and photos by casting shadows, projecting non-paranormal anomalies, and lighting up the area which will then prevent you from capturing orbs or other spirits on your nightshot video footage. I do carry a small regular flashlight on me in case we encounter some type of emergency while were traipsing around at midnight in the middle of the woods or in a dangerous building. But I only use it when necessary.

In most of the photos and video footage, you will see me wearing my red lens flashlight around my neck… like a total dork! I found this to be the best way to keep my hands free to operate the numerous gadgets that I need during an investigation.

Lastly, as for which red flashlight? I really like my Alldaymall® WF-502B CREE Q5 Single – Mode 200 Lumen Red Light Hunting LED Flashlight. It’s very sturdy, comes with a rechargeable battery and charger and has never failed me. Another cool thing is that we have had spirits actually try to communicate with us using this light….. we ask questions and the spirit will make the light blink off and on.  You can purchase it on Amazon for approximately $18.00. Hope this helps!

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Do we go to Heaven if we commit suicide?

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Photo courtesy of Esquire

 Robin Williams: July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014

I was all set to post a boring article on ghost hunting equipment but then the news broke that Robin Williams committed suicide and that changed the course of today’s post. I immediately thought of the absolute pain and anguish that his Wife and Kids (and other family members/friends) must feel right now and I quietly prayed for them.

His heartbreaking death brought back a flood of old memories about my own Mother’s suicide. Then when I read the coroner’s report and found out that Mr. Williams committed suicide by hanging….. my stomach turned. My mother had hung herself too. An absolute terrible way to go. It’s hard to share this intimate detail with everyone but I just want others to know that mental illness and addiction can strike any family and is usually very difficult to effectively treat. It’s hard on the person with the illness and it’s hard on their families. Maybe sharing this tidbit of my story can help others effected by suicide feel that they are not alone. My heart truly goes out to his family.

The coming weeks and months will be filled with sadness, guilt and even anger. You mix this with the fact that you have to plan a funeral which includes picking out a casket (creepy), flowers and even the favorite outfit that your loved one will be buried in (horrifying)… Well, let’s just say you feel like you are in some bad freakin nightmare and  your hoping that you will wake up from it and your loved one will be alive and telling you……it was all a big misunderstanding. But as the weeks go by you realize…. No this is real. She is gone. Not only is she gone but she did this to herself. The pain you have to be in to take your own life has to be so dark, and so excruciating that death appears to be the only way to erase it.

So in the wake of all these feelings, a close friend and I were talking about Mr. Williams suicide and being that I am a paranormal investigator and also have had suicide hit close to home….  she wanted to know if I thought that people that commit suicide go to heaven? I had the quick answer for her question but as I reflected…. I realized not everyone has seen and heard what I have. So, what is the answer?

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Rancho Camulos: Ghost Child Photos

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We spent a fascinating evening investigating the historic grounds of the Rancho Camulos Museum in Piru, CA. There was a ton of activity at this location…. too much for one post! I’ll definitely post more evidence on this location later.

Ok, so, during the entire investigation my Ovilus kept spitting out the words: Mommy, Hug and Love. I worked my way over to a tiny gravestone on the property and shined my red flashlight (always use a red lens flashlight while ghost hunting) on it to reveal the name: August Rubel….. he was only 1 month old when he died.  My eyes teared up ….. realizing the possibility of who was communicating with me through the Ovilus. I then had a strong pull to photograph the tree and bushes to the rear-left. I turned around and took a series of photographs. As I reviewed the photograph’s the next day, we saw what appears to be a child-like skeletal figure! Take a look!

TPQFull Dark


Here is the same photo but lightened up to reveal the figure better and there is also an orb in the upper-left area of the photo:

TPQFull Light

For more PHOTOS & EXPLANATION click on READ MORE below

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Graber Olive House-Loft: Ghost Evidence

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Hello Friends!

We investigated the Graber Olive House in May 2014. This video was shot in “the Loft.” From the moment we stepped foot into the area, I could feel a thick  heaviness in the room. Not oppressive or evil….. but more like a heavy, electric charge. I knew spirits were there! In this video, I am asking questions and receiving direct responses from the Ovilus III. I have no idea that I had captured what I did. See what you think!

Pretty cool, right? I know that some skeptics may say that the orb could be a bug or camera glitch but after reviewing hundreds of hours of video footage, my eye has become very trained at identifying what is an orb, dust or a bug. I’m also not one of those investigators Continue reading →


Heritage Junction Orb Video!!

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This video was shot by me in May 2014 at the Newhall Ranch House at Heritage Junction. We just got all the cameras and equipment set up and I was just getting ready to turn on my EVP Recorder when this happened………

So, you may be wondering…. what is an orb? Obviously, I am not a scientist but after years of investigating, collecting evidence and reading, it has all led me to the simple explanation: that it is the energy that was once inside a human form. Continue reading →

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